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Cleveland CityLIFT

Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland is proud to be part of the CityLIFT program in collaboration with Wells Fargo and NeighborWorks® America. Discover the possibilities of homeownership and find out if it’s right for you! A limited number of loans are available.

 Program Information

  • Provides eligible homebuyers with $15,000 in down payment assistance on qualified properties
  • Provides homebuyer education that can prepare you for finding and financing a home and for managing the financial responsibilities of homeownership
  • Assistance is not limited to first-time buyers
  • Annual income of all persons 18 and older living in the home must be at or below 120% of the Cleveland Area Median Income (AMI) guidelines (FHA financing, a popular option for CityLIFT financing, is limited to 115% of AMI. Other loan programs may have more restrictive income limits).
  • Properties qualified for the Program must be:
    1. Located within the city limits of Cleveland
    2. The primary, owner-occupied home of the buyer(s)
    3. A detached home, townhouse, condominium, 1-4 unit property, or Planned Unit Development

Limited CityLIFT down payment assistance funds are available. Eligible buyers with the required documents can sign up online for first-come, first-served appointments.

If you are interested in the CityLIFT Program, take the quiz below and find out if you are immediately eligible to start the application process.




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