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Reverse Mortgage Info Center


The NeighborWorksReverse Mortgage Information Center (RMIC) is a national call center powered by NHS of Greater Cleveland that provides consumers information on the reverse mortgage program.This includes assistance for homeowners that have a reverse mortgage and are currently behind in property taxes or homeowners insurance, those seeking a certificate for Reverse Mortgage counseling, or callers interested in learning about other senior supportive counseling programs and services. All callers are provided a direct referral to a NeighborWorks network organization, or an additional HUD-approved loan counselor or counseling agency as needed.

Suite of Services Available Through the RMIC

  • A centralized toll free access number for consumers.
  • Pre-counseling triage of customers as part of the referral process.
  • Counseling referrals that help supplement the organizations reverse mortgage activity.
  • Efficient processes that ensure a quality experience for the customer as well as for the NWO to which they are referred.
  • Tracking and reporting of referrals.
  • Point of contact for NWOs at the RMIC if questions arise or support is needed.
  • Assistance with identifying additional local resources that may benefit the callers situation