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Financial Coaching and Counseling

Financial Coaching

Client-driven process that provides framework for setting goals, assessment, action planning, and accountability. Individual sessions are aimed at helping participants focus on behaviors to achieve self-defined financial goals. The focus is to achieve client-determined goals and long-term outcomes through behavior change. Coaches serve as facilitators, motivators, and supporters!


Financial Counseling 

Practitioner-driven process that provides the framework to educate, offer expertise and advice, and feedback. Counseling sessions are aimed at providing specific information and guidance intended to resolve a defined event or problem, typically through a set process. The focus is to address specific issues through knowledge transfer and skill development. Counselors serve as teachers and advisors.


What types of goals can I set?


Goals can be simple as...

  • Managing ¬≠nuances

  • Adjusting daily spending

  • Developing a savings plan

  • Reducing debt

  • Understanding credit

 To more advanced goals...

  • Becoming credit-worthy to purchase a car

  • Understanding student loan debts

  • Achieving homeownership

  • Planning for a healthy retirement

Set up an appointment with a FinCap Counselor today!!

Contact Keith Davis, NHS FinCap Counselor, by email or at 216.458.4663 to schedule an appointment Monday-Friday, 8:30am - 5pm or download an application here.


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