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Homebuyer Education

Taking our Homebuyer Education classes will be one of the best decisions you will make to begin the process of achieving the dream of homeownership.

Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland's program is a ten-hour course that covers the basics of how to buy a Home. Our classes cover budgeting, credit reports, how to shop for a house, and how to apply and shop for a mortgage and maintaining a home. While this course is designed for families or individuals that are short-term or nearly mortgage ready, we encourage our long-term clients to attend as many of the classes as they want in their route to mortgage readiness.

To view the most current schedule of Homebuyer Education classes, please click here.

Our HomeOwnership Promotion Program provides the services and tools a homebuyer needs to purchase the home of their dreams. Our programming includes a 10 hour curriculum that teaches a homebuyer about credit and budgeting, shopping for a home and mortgage and maintaining a home, with an option of an online homeownership education online course. In addition to the class or eHome America online course, homebuyers meet with a HUD approved housing specialist to review personal budget and credit situations and develop goals and tasks to prepare for mortgage readiness.

Homebuyer education has been shown to dramatically reduce foreclosure rates, especially among low- and moderate-income families, according to a recent study by NeighborWorks® America. Individuals and families with counseling from NeighborWorks organizations are ten times less likely to go into foreclosure than similar borrowers.

One-on-One Counseling Sessions

Each family that participates in our educational classes will receive sessions with our housing counselor(s) that will allow them to develop a plan for savings and mortgage readiness.

Homebuyer Education Curriculum

Learn about our curriculum by downloading a copy of the course description here.