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The American Dream of Home Ownership

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Buy or Rent a Home

Buy or Rent a Home

The NHS of Greater Cleveland HomeOwnership Center

Begin that journey by seeking the knowledge that will aid you in your quest for homeownership. Before setting off to find the perfect house, know that the certified, professional counselors from Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland are available to help you. Take one of our classes—it will be one of the best decisions you can make to begin the process of achieving your dream.

Our classes will show you how to afford your dream Home, keep your dream Home, and avoid losing your dream Home. Classes are conveniently held at the NHS of Greater Cleveland HomeOwnership Center at 5700 Broadway Avenue.

From January-May 2016, the NHS of Greater Cleveland HomeOwnership Center wants to share that:

  • 219 clients completed NHS Homebuyer Education
  • 133 new homebuyers closed on purchasing a home
  • 77 clients participated in the second round of the Cleveland CityLIFT Program
  • 148 clients completed the NHS Financial Capability program
  • Over $180,000 in down payment assistance loans closed the gap for first-time, lower income homebuyers, leveraging $1.2 million in housing investment in Cuyahoga County

NHS of Greater Cleveland strives to maximize the homebuying experience for clients along the continuum of homeownership, including ongoing programs and services for achieving, preserving and sustaining the American Dream of homeownership.

Learn about how we can help provide Down Payment Assistance or connect you with a Land Trust Home.

About NeighborWorks® HomeOwnership Centers

NHS of Greater Cleveland's Homeownership Center is based on the national model of NeighborWorks® HomeOwnership Centers, which provide one-stop access to all of the services and training that customers need to shop for, purchase, rehabilitate, insure, and maintain a home. With appealing, high-visibility locations, consistent standards of operation, and a focus on customer convenience, NeighborWorks® HomeOwnership Centers are reinventing the traditional community-based development model. Customers can access all of the services, products and training necessary to shop for, purchase, renovate, insure, maintain and managed a home - all under one roof. 

More than 90 HomeOwnership Centers are serving communities across the country. Increasingly, community organizations find that this one-stop shopping, high-quality service concept is a winning strategy for both their customers and their partners. Joining this fast-growing initiative helps local NeighborWorks® organizations raise their visibility, reach more diverse customers, centralize homebuyer services and training, enlist more investing partners and increase their homeowner output and economic impact.

For more information, please visit NeighborWorks America®.