For over 43 years home has mattered at Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland. We have provided programs and services for achieving, preserving and sustaining the American Dream of homeownership. Since its inception in 1975, the focus on education as a determinant in sustainable homeownership has been the cornerstone of our organization. As the fifth chartered organization in the NeighborWorks®America network, NHS of Greater Cleveland has been able to leverage national, state, and local partnerships throughout its history.

Today, NHS of Greater Cleveland has a footprint that covers 5 counties – Cuyahoga, Erie and Lorain counties for all services and Huron and Medina counties for foreclosure prevention services. The growing process included expansion of our geographic footprint and of our physical plant. From decentralization to a centralized delivery location that we rented, NHS of Greater Cleveland went on to walk the walk of “owning your own home” by relocating to a city neighborhood, renovating an existing structure AND owning our own home. Home definitely matters!

As we have sought opportunities to increase our positive impact, not only within communities, but also on the lives of our clients, the possibility of partnerships, strategic alliances and mergers began to take shape. In September of 2011, NHS of Greater Cleveland merged with the Community Land Trust of Greater Cleveland. This merger allowed for increased opportunities for housing that is affordable, reinvigorated our client-centric focus by specifying in the bylaws that a total of 20% of the full board needed to be clients, and allowed us to increase programming to achieve successful and sustainable homeownership for our clients.

It is our hope that the success achieved post-merger provides the springboard for future partnerships, strategic alliances and other possible mergers to truly reflect our commitment of providing programs and services for achieving, preserving and sustaining the American dream of homeownership.

The all-volunteer Board of Directors of NHS of Greater Cleveland has worked relentlessly to guide our organization in addressing the needs of our clients, our neighborhoods, and our communities. We continue to write our history by looking forward to implementing our 2018-21 strategic plan, with commitments to being:

  • a performance-driven organization known for programmatic excellence;
  • a highly visible organization that engages its key audiences;
  • a financially stable organization with diversified support;
  • a respected and influential voice in housing policy; and
  • a well-governed organization with a fully committed board of directors.