Grab a bag, Cleveland…

by Alexandra E. Bodie February/28/2016


Hey all, some of you may know that i do not just work in Slavic Village, i also happen to live in the neighborhood as well and fondly call Slavic Village my Home. What a beautiful day we have experienced in northeast Ohio, over 60 degrees on February 29 – unheard of! I decided to walk a few blocks down my street, Fleet Avenue, to Seven Roses for some food. I had a lunch of some potatoes with onions and a medley of broccoli and cauliflower, and a Coke on the porch of a boarded up Home next door to Seven Roses. I watched the cars drive by, soaked in the sunshine. I noticed a flower bed with some bushes, some green bits popping up, signifying new life even amongst the layers of last year’s batch of bushes and plant-life. I then peered down at my feet, fuzzy socks were a bad idea, but then i noticed what appeared to be a smashed reflector, too big to be a yard stake, actually it looked like a tail light smashed to bits, on the steps of the porch and in the yard. All that remained from my lunch was a container and a plastic grocery bag – i thought, “why not fill this bag up…” – so i did and then i kept walking and stopped when i saw a plastic grocery bag filled with a half bottle of pop, i used it to pick up litter, then found another bag caught on a tree branch and filled it up, eventually finding one final bag to fill.

It was so easy. I challenge you to try and fill up at least one plastic grocery bag a day with litter nearby your Home, on your block, or in any of Cleveland’s neighborhoods.

Grab a bag, and fill it up! Let’s clean up Cleveland together…one bag at a time!

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