Board Profile: Meet Lisa Nelson

by Alexandra E. Bodie  October/9/2015

What do you love about Cleveland – are you originally from the area?

I grew up in Lakewood, moved away, and swore I’d never move back.  But I did, after graduating from college.  I truly love the area. Lake Erie is beautiful, as are our parks.  Cleveland has such wonderful things to offer: great neighborhoods and organizations; committed and creative people; museums; theaters; restaurants; and the Cavs!  Plus, I could never live in a place without four seasons. 

What are your main priorities as a NHSGC board member?

To ensure we continue to provide excellent programs and quality services to the communities and individuals we serve. NHSGC provides much-needed services to those hoping to become homeowners; those needing support to maintain their homes; and those requesting assistance to stay in their homes.   

What is something you really want to achieve for NHS of Greater Cleveland?

For NHSGC to continue to lead the way in providing high-quality programs and services for those wanting to achieve, preserve, and sustain the dream of homeownership. At the same time, I’d love to help expand and enhance our programs, where necessary, to meet unmet community needs.

Home is…a place of comfort and safety, where my family and friends gather, where we learn about each other’s day and where we feel most relaxed.  And where you can almost always hear the sound of a basketball bouncing on the driveway!

Why were you interested in becoming a part of Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland?

At the time I joined the NHSGC Board, during the housing crisis, the work NHSGC was doing to assist families with staying in their homes was especially critical.  I knew less about their other services, but wanted to learn more.  After speaking with Lou, I knew it was an organization I wanted to be involved with.  This is the first board I have sat on and it has been a great experience for me.

Where do you work, what is your role, and what are your focuses?

I work at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland in the Community Development department as a Senior Policy Analyst. The focus of our department’s work is a broad range of community development issues affecting low- and moderate-income communities.  In my role I perform data analysis and applied research on a number of topics, including housing-related issues, neighborhood stability, and workforce development. An overarching goal of all the work we do is helping to inform policy.

What is one of your greatest accomplishments?

Raising a son who, I believe, is respectful, compassionate, and thoughtful. 

Does your work transcend into your position as a NHSGC board member? If yes, how so?

Absolutely. Both NHSGC and the Community Development department at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland are concerned with issues impacting low- and moderate-income communities and individuals.  My work often involves looking at numbers to understand and inform issues.  The work of NHSGC puts faces to these numbers and helps us understand the why – and gives us an on-the-ground perspective of how not only issues, such as foreclosure, but also programs can impact families and neighborhoods.  

In your free time, what do you most enjoy doing?

I enjoy spending time with family. In addition to my husband and son, I have two sisters in the area and we like to hang out.   I like to cook, so on weekends I often try new recipes out on my family.  My son plays a lot of basketball, and fortunately I enjoy the sport, since most weekends we are watching him on the court.

Why does home matter to you?

Home matters to me because it is where we focus on family and friends, spend time together, and relax.   

If there’s one thing you could pick, what do you wish more people knew about NHS of Greater Cleveland?

The commitment, dedication, and hard work of the NHSGC staff to meet the needs of the communities we serve.

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