Community Financial Centers working Hand-in-Hand with NHS

by Alexandra E. Bodie  August/27/2015

Community Financial Centers (CFC) is a citywide initiative, created by Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, focused on improving the economic security of all residents in Cleveland. Using an innovative approach, CFC is designed to empower individuals to make informed choices and focus on education, guidance, and real financial change. CFC focuses on planning for the future, borrowing, managing money, and safe banking. The first of its kind in Cleveland, CFC is a welcoming, nonjudgmental, and empowering service to assist in guiding individuals toward financial stability. 

In partnering with Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland, the CFC is able to counsel their clients in the many issues associated with homeownership. The CFC recognizes that many of the financial difficulties that people have, are directly related to owning a home. Whether it is initially buying a home and establishing credit, repairing an older home, or trying to keep their home in danger of foreclosure, the CFC and NHS counselors are able to guide them in a positive direction.

CFC is a “one-stop” service that provides individualized financial counseling addressing the needs and requests of each client, access to safe and affordable banking products, tools, and services. CFC will also provide referrals to homeownership, career services, tax preparation, educational opportunities, 401k assistance, annuities, insurance, and retirement planning. Through CFC, clients will receive financial education and budgeting tools geared toward managing debt and improving credit scores.

Take control of your financial future today, contact Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland’s Financial Capability Team directly:

Renee Harris // // 216.205.4465

Keith Davis // // 216.205.4470


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