Harvest home ownership on September 10th!

by Alexandra E. Bodie   July/29/2015

I would love to have your support on September 10th – join Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland​ at Near West Theatre​ from 5 to 7:30pm to help with harvesting homeownership in the communities of northeast Ohio. It’s hard to believe this will be my third #harvestnhs, time keeps flying by, and the need for affordable ownership and rentals is high and continues to grow! Everything starts and ends with home…please recognize and understand that every individual deserves to live in an affordable, healthy and safe home. Home Matters​ so much – this is what drives me in my work at NHS of Greater Cleveland. You can purchase tickets for our annual Fall Friendraiser atnhscleveland.org/harvestnhs. If you are interested in gaining exposure throughout the Cleveland area, email me at abodie@nhscleveland.org or call me at 216.570.5358 about running an ad in our Harvesting Homeownership program booklet.

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