Staff Profile: Meet Michael Pires

by Alexandra E. Bodie  May/11/2015

What do you love about Cleveland?

        Affordability, the strong sense of community, great sports town, the arts and metro parks.

What are your main priorities as Deputy Director?

       Program planning, staff management and development, community relations and administration. 

As Deputy Director, what is something you really want to achieve for NHS of Greater Cleveland?

        Identifying and providing additional funding resources aimed at supporting sustainable homeownership to northeast Ohioans and strengthen communities by working collaboratively with entities from both the public and private sector. 

Home is…shelter

When you’re not at work, what do you enjoy spending your time doing?

        Outdoor activities, spending time with family and travel.

Why does home matter to you?

        Home is access to your community, friends and family. Home is your shelter. It gives people a feeling of well-being and boosts their will to live.

If you need to reach out to Michael, simply call 216.458.4663 or email

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