Staff Profile: Meet Vicktoria Kotov

by Alexandra E. Bodie    April/1/2015

How long have you been at NHS of Greater Cleveland?

Since June 2014.

What is your main priority as Operations Manager of Lending?

To successfully administer our organization’s lending programs by effectively supporting our lending team and partners. Ensure department compliance with State and Federal regulations as well as internal compliance requirements. Develop and implement best practices in loan operations related processes and procedures.

As Operations Manager of Lending, what is something you seek to achieve?

Increase our organization’s footprint by strengthening current relationships and developing new ones with local lenders and other partners.  Increase effectiveness and efficiency of our lending programs to enhance our clients’ experience and access to funding.

Home is…my happy place. 

When you’re not at work, what do you enjoy doing?

Spend time with family and friends, travel, and reading.

Why does home matter to you?

Home is not just bricks and mortar, home is a place of acceptance and unconditional love. Home is where we grow, thrive, and become the individuals that we are.               

If you need to reach out to Vicktoria, simply call 216.458.4663 or email

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