Fincap? What is that…

by Donovan Pace  February/27/2015

Regardless of what your goals are and your future endeavors, there is a cost. The cost to realize your goals, especially financial, are typically viewed negatively as sacrifices. Shifting your perspective on the semantics of the word however can lead to renewed vigor and greater focus.

This transformed thinking will bring more questions to orient you on your path. You will need to consider what you want, what is preventing your success and what can you do personally to remove all obstacles. While pondering these things also be aware that you can and should ask for help.

That’s where we come in. Financial Capability reflects your ability, willingness, and dedication to meet your goals not just financially but behaviorally as well. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep track of everything that’s going on in your life. For most of us it’s not the fact that we are bad at organizing or following through with what we want, it’s simply because we have never been taught how to see what we need to do in a way that is easily managed.

NHS of Greater Cleveland’s Financial Capability Counseling, affectionately called FinCap, program specializes in helping you understand what steps need to be taken and giving you the tools and support to exercise autonomy over your situation.  Here is how it works:

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