THE talk

by Administrator  February/25/2015

Have you had the talk with your kids?

Not that talk.

Have you talked with your kids about money?

America Saves Week is a good time to begin a family conversation about money.

How do you begin such an important conversation? What can you say that will help them grow up to make thoughtful financial choices?  How do you help them understand the value of money and the importance of savings?  How do you do all that when you feel that you still have a lot to learn?

You start—by starting.

You start by sharing your own stories with the kids in your life.

        -The price of a movie ticket or ice cream cone when you were a kid                  

        -Your very first job

        -The first thing you saved up to buy

Your stories will open the door to insightful family conversations about money and saving. 

You may think one of the hardest parts of saving is getting started.  You’re right.  The smallest amount really will add up over time and help develop habits that will last a lifetime.  It’s an important step toward creating a generation of savvy savers.

Want to learn more?  Click to send away for your free copy of our workbook Great Minds Think:  A Kid’s Guide to Money.  It is filled with games, activities and easy-to-use conversation starters.  It’s available in English and Spanish.

And please pardon the shameless plug, a visit downtown to the Learning Center and Money Museum at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland is a good way to keep the savings conversation going.  You’ll learn all about money. The museum is free.  It’s fun.  It’s really warm in the winter too!

Stop by during America Saves Week and tell us: have you had the talk?

Kelly Banks

The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

Vice President

Community Relations and Education

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