Welcome to Cleveland Saves Week 2015!

by David Rothstein  February/21/2015

Saving is hard! Whether it is saving money or saving time, we need a road map…and maybe a nudge or two. That’s what being a Cleveland Saver is all about. And while some people pay for this kind of planning, Cleveland Saves is free. Cleveland Saves is a low-touch, goal-oriented coaching program that helps connect individuals and families to their saving goals. By signing up for free, you can become a Saver. You will receive access to budget calculators, newsletters, tips from current Savers, and access to raffles and incentives.

Why does the Saves program work?

We are all creatures of habit and we naturally gravitate toward not making changes. The beauty of Cleveland Saves is it uses knowledge about how we behave to cut through the “red tape” of saving. Did you know that you are more likely to save if you are part of a collaborative like Cleveland Saves? You are part of a network of thousands of Savers around the country. Did you know that you are much more likely to save if you set a specific goal and have a strategy to achieve them? Through Cleveland Saves, you can do just that. Try setting up direct deposit not just to your checking but also to your savings account.

Cleveland Saves is the first collaborative in the country focused on saving. That’s right, before there was an America Saves there was a Cleveland Saves. This week we will be blogging about a series of topics to help you think about saving, bank accounts, environmental and energy saving, and what resources are around Greater Cleveland to hit your goals. Be part of this long tradition and start saving; make the pledge today at clevelandsaves.org.

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