It’s Only a Clip and a Click Away

by Administrator  February/21/2015

Stop paying more for everyday products! Couponing for huge savings is on the rise, and if you aren’t clipping and clicking, you’re giving away money! Imagine getting a year’s worth of toilet paper for 50% off, diapers at 60% off, and cleaning products for FREE! Where do you get these coupons? Lots of places! Your mom’s old-fashioned coupons still arrive weekly in the Red Plum mail publication as well as the Sunday edition of the Plain Dealer. Don’t worry if the winter has buried the paper under a feet of snow, the couponing future is online. There are multiple websites to print coupons and research store savings, specials, and policies. You will feel like you hit the jackpot when you walk out saving over 50% on your favorite items. Most stores accept manufacture coupons and even offer some of their own store coupons. Stores such as Target, CVS, and Rite Aid offer printable store coupons on their websites. Other store websites allow you the ability to load coupons to their store card, like Giant Eagle’ss E-Coupon program. Some retailers offer programs that send their store coupons right to your phone weekly, no printing necessary. Another great place to check for coupons is the entrance of stores. Walgreens and Kmart have coupons available in store, while other retailers like CVS have “Magic Coupon Machines” that print new coupons specific to you, daily, with the swipe of your store card.Getting the best price is all about stacking as many discounts as possible. To accomplish this you will want to purchase the item while it’s on sale and use both a manufacture coupon and a store coupon. You are limited to one store and one manufacture coupon per item, so planning and research are paramount. There are numerous websites to help you with your couponing journey that offer helpful tips, great deals, and awesome printable coupons. Some of my personal favorites that helped me save thousands are and

At first couponing may seem a little overwhelming and a bit scary, but with a little practice you’ll be saving money in no time! A few helpful tips to get you started: 1. Stock up! If it’s a good deal (and doesn’t expire), grab enough to last until the next good deal on the item. There is nothing worse then paying full price because your stockpile is depleted. 2. Be patient! Getting in the swing of couponing takes time, don’t give up- the savings are well worth it. 3. If you won’t use it- don’t buy it! On occasion you’ll come across a really good deal on something you won’t use- skip it. Otherwise you’ll be wasting money and defeating the purpose of couponing. 4. Be realistic! Have you ever watched extreme couponing on TLC? It’s not realistic, so don’t refer to it when figuring out your potential savings. Normally, saving 50% on products you use daily is AWESOME & possible! Before your first couponing trip make sure to check out each stores coupon policy. The best place to find this is on the stores website.

Good luck and happy couponing! -Ashley Rothstein

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